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We take your visit to the nail salon very seriously.

It's such a special time to relax and tend to yourself.

We also know that it is not an easy feat to find amazing nail salons.

In Lisbon, which houses too many nail salons to count, discovering the really good ones takes a lot of crowdsourcing, Google scrolling, and certainly some experimentation. Walking out of the salon and thinking about all of the ways your manicurist could have taken care of your cuticles better, or done your nail art differently, is a feeling we'd rather avoid. Few are those who provides such a big range of services as we do.

Acrylic nails are ideal for nail bitters, those who love long nails, or a simple overlay to give extra reinforcement to natural nails.

Cures(dry) without the need to use UV light.


Acrylic overlay 1h 45€

Overlay w/ french mani 1h15 - 50€

Overlay w/ baby boomer 1h30 - 55€


Acrylic nail extensions:

1h30 - 55€

French w/ Extension 1h45- 60€

Extra long (0.4cm) - 2h - 65€

Baby Boomer 2h - 60€




Let´s cut to chase! Health is beauty!

A correct infill is law here, and this is a service that should be done between the 2nd and 3rd week, depending on the growth of your natural nails. 

With the growth, the balance and structure of the nails changes, what can lead to lifts and/or detachments, that end up damaging the health of the natural nails.

Normal 1h15 - 35€

After 1 month - €40

Baby Boomer 1h45 - 45€

Extra long (0.4cm) - 2h - 45€


1 Extra nail 5mnt €2.5

1 nail out of maint. 10mnt 5€



Want nail art that'll automatically earn you compliments?

DEZ Studio is the spot. Our bold and original designs are not for the faint of heart—you'll seriously stand out with our innovative paint jobs done by some of the most sought-after nail artists.

If you want to have even more fun with your nails, you can also choose print a photo, or any design with ou nail art printing machine We are the place for you.

Each design can varies in time and technical capacity.

We created a price list that reflects not only the time, but also the technical capacity for its execution.

Prices may vary, according to what each customer wants.

Super Simples ex: 5 mnt art - 2.5€

Simples ex: polka dots 10 mnt - 5€

All nails simple design 15mnt - 10€

All nails advanced design 20mnt - 15€

All nails covered w/ design  30mnt - 20€ (from)

While some people are blessed with naturally strong nails, the ones some of you long for, are credited do to the magic of acrylics.

This method is ideal for anyone who wants long nails. 

Acrylic is the oldest professional nail technique that has been used around the world for many years.

Acrylic nails are a way to strengthen delicate and fragile nails, as ell to shape and lengthen them to perfection.

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