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Inclusion, discrimination, society and the 21st century…

Today I woke up thinking about this topic, as well as what it means to me, as a professional and a human being.

I know, I should be writing about some Christmas nail trends or something similar, but I just didn't feel like it.

As a professional and nail tech myself, I know how important it is to recognize the absolute need for inclusion and diversity.

From age, gender and sexual orientation, to religion or race, from maternity to pregnancy, or disabilities, none of this should have any importance when we choose the people that work with us.

But why do we still discriminate? Why is it that behind the veil of equality, we know that this way of thinking still exists?

If someone is good at what they do, what does race or gender matter?

I still come across with situations where there are attempts to downgrade a member of my team for having a different skin tone, or for being a man who will do their eyelashes…

And then? Does it matters?…

They are human beings and qualified professionals. Ready to provide a quality service, to always give their best, and a pleasure in all that they do.

Shouldn't that be what matters?

The quality of the service, the care?

A lot of the times, it´s already a hard journey for them, often treated as second-class citizens… Why and for what?

I am and will always be a defender of human rights, defending the right to equality. When I look to a person, I only see a human being, with the same rights and duties.

This is what Dez is all about! We are a family, a dedicated and professional tribe of human, dedicated to give their best every day.

And forgive me the most sensitive ones, those who don't agree or accept it, those who think that any member of my team is a 2nd class citizen.

To those, I advise you to look for another place that shares your perspective of what the word human being and humanity is, and means.

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